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“Top Nine” are one of the most famous crews in the world of breaking (break-dance). Over the 20 years of its history, Top Nine Crew has won many international competitions, including the biggest championship – Battle of the Year, created several theatrical productions, brought up several generations of students, became style icons and set an example of what a b-boy crew should be like.

From the first dance steps – to artistic excellence, from small jams – to world victories, from street shows – to the big stage: the members of the legendary Top Nine crew are telling their story in the documentary film “Top Nine: A Story of the B-Boy Crew”.

The film premiered in October 2022 at the “Message To Man” International Film Festival. The world premiere of the film took place in New York on the 12th of February 2023 in the Film at Lincoln Center in the program of the “Dance on Camera” International Film Festival.


The film has also been shown at the following film festivals:

  • Kransnogorski Sport Film Festival (Russia)

  • Divulge Dancers' Film Festival (USA)

  • Espoo Digi-Dance International (Finland)

  • Hip Hop Film Festival (USA)

  • HipHopCineFest (Italy)

  • SMR13 International Independent Film Festival (France)

  • Golden Sneakers International Hip Hop Film Festival (Germany)

  • Doker International Documentary Festival (Russia)

  • Urban Film Festival (USA)

  • Norway Action Film Festival (Norway)

  • International FICTS Fest (Italy)

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