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The film “Natalya Golitsyna. The Queen of Spades” explores the life of Natalya Petrovna Golitsyna (1744-1837), who served as Pushkin’s model for The Queen of Spades. During her long life Natalya Golitsyna witnessed – and participated in – some of the most fascinating historical events of her time, such as the Great French Revolution, and the film sets out to show that her legacy is not limited purely to the legend of ‘the three winning cards’ which surrounds her. The film reveals unique works of art and artifacts, associated with Natalya Golitsyna, and explains how she became the embodiment of The Queen of Spades in literature and in theatre.

Many specialists on the art and culture of the 18th century took part in the creation of this documentary. Filming locations include St. Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Versailles, Malmö. The film concept was inspired by the exhibition ‘Silver and Gold of the Queen of Spades’, held in the Sheremetev Palace in 2015.

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