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The Chinese word “Chan” (more known in its Japanese reading “Zen”) means “meditation” – a practice, aimed to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

When an adept, inspired by the atmosphere of an abandoned Buddhist monastery, goes deep into meditation, what happens to his consciousness? Could the process of transformation be visualized in the form of a dance?

The film is based on a piece from the performance “Davaï, Davaï”, which was created by the French choreographer Brahim Bouchelaghem and the Russian b-boy crew Top Nine.


The film was shown at the following film festivals:

  • Rio Webfest

  • Mexico City Videodance Festival

  • Multiplié Dance Film

  • Tiny Dance Film Festival

  • Oklahoma Dance Film Festival

  • Richmond Dance Festival

  • GSF Awards

  • The 4th Annual N.C. Triad Choreography Showcase

  • The Fine Arts Film Festival

  • Whatashort Independent International Film Festival

  • FAD Festival

  • Migrations Dance Film

  • DIVULGE Dancers' Film Festival

  • Russia Video Dance Awards 2020

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